MA Degree Show at Cambridge School of Art : Opening 7 Sep 5-8pm : Come on down and celebrate with us!


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Collaboratory, Opening Reception: Thursday 13th April 2017, 5-8.30pm. Venue: ArtSpace, Cambridge Artworks, 5 Green’s Road Cambridge CB4 3EF. Artists: Emma James and Denise Kehoe, Nina Lewis and Emma Copley. The four artists featured in the exhibition have been working collaboratively, in pairs, for the last ten weeks and have come together for one day only at ArtSpace in Cambridge. Using the gallery space as a testing ground to create new work and alter existing pieces, the artists are hoping to blur the line between studio and exhibition space, allowing the audience access to their creative practices. The group met this year while studying for a postgraduate degree at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

Untitled (Raft of the Medusa)

Charcoal drawing shortlisted for the Sustainability Art Prize, 30 March-6 April 2017 Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Untitled (The Raft of the Medusa) 2017, charcoal on paper, 150 x 120 cms. For this project I drew simultaneously from two images; a printed, degraded image of Theodore Gericault’s painting The Raft of the Medusa, and a photographic image of Syrian refugees in a boat, taken off the coast of Greece in 2016. This is the first in a series of drawings I am making. I am interested in exploring ambiguity in relation to how groups of people are viewed, specifically those who have moved or been displaced.


Untitled (The Triumph of Divine Love) charcoal on paper, Untitled (Clenched Fist) charcoal on paper 2016, Emma Copley. A Room of One’s Own, Qri Kim, thread and nails 2016. This collaborative piece marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between myself and installation artist Qri Kim. We are currently exploring drawing through translation, performance and landscape. (Image: Mapping Translations group exhibition at Cambridge ArtSpace Dec 2016).


The Book of Love, 2016. 16 metre long accordion fold book with fold out sections, made up of prints and gouache paintings. Dec 2016. My paintings focus on personal narratives of the everyday and with this piece the paintings came together in a format that was both performative and experimental.